Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adverb clauses

1. When he plays baseball, i`ll go back home.

2. If she likes me, we will be a couple.

3. Unless we have different nationalites, we will meet again.

4. In case it rains, I will bring an umbrella.

5. Because we love each other, we will get married.

6. After I graduate school, I will have a vacation for 2 weeks.

7. As soon as I finish school, i will meet her.

8. Once I drink beer, I will be drunken.

9. Before I take a test, I will study.

10. Although I have been living in Vancouver, I will go back to Korea

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I`ve seen hari in the afternoon, and we talked about her classes.
"How was school today?" I asked her.
She said " It was very good. Not only I talked with friends a lot but also I leaned many things."
"It sounds great! What did you learn?"
"I`ve taken a FCE course today. It was honestly tough. We listened something but It was difficult to understand because the speaker`s accent was strange. Maybe they spoke in British English."
"oh~I see. Obviously, It is strange for us."